Requesting a Custom Locker

With over 100 years of collective experience and our array of machinery right here in Sydney, Statewide is able to cater to a large range of variation in the products we can produce. Please fill in the form below to submit a product request. We will assess your request, and will forward the price to an authorised reseller of your choice. If you have any questions, please contact our office on (02) 9750 3677.

First, fill in the custom locker request form to give us the details of how you would like your custom locker to appear. The form will collect information such as the dimensions, the doors, the configuration of internals. If something is completely new and is not based on a product we already product, all you will need to do is provide a photo or drawing of your desired locker design, which can be sent to our email. Keep in mind that quantity matters! The more lockers you order, the cheaper it will become per unit. This is due to us being the actual manufacturer and our machines are designed to produce large volumes of a single product at one time. Feel free to send us requests for single or small quantities however, as we may already have a design similar to your request on hand.

Over the next 24 to 72 hours business hours we will work on the design of your request with our factory manager. He is an expert at all the machinery and tooling at our disposal, and will come up with the most cost effective method of producing the product you're looking for. At any time we need clarification, or perhaps can make a slight adjustment that will save you money, we will contact you via phone or email to ask for your input.

Once we have worked out a price for the custom locker design, we will provide you with a reference number, and will forward the price and the same reference to an authorised re-seller of your choice. You can take a look at our "find a reseller" page here to locate the closest store to you.

Ready to request a custom locker design?

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