Mixed Storage Locker Bank – Product of the Month #1

Due to the ever-increasing popularity for bespoke products, Statewide Office Furniture has decided to start a “Product of the Month” article. The idea is to show off some of the new or unusual things that other customers have been buying and offer some inspiration to those of you who are in the market for new storage solutions!

Without further ado, the first product of the month is…

The Mixed Storage Locker Bank in White Birch


Mixed storage – locker doors and open shelving

Styled on a vintage piece of re-purposed furniture, this storage cupboard offers a mix of lockable compartments based on a four-door locker door and open faced compartments. The important features requested from the client were the louvered doors and the evenly spaced shelves in the upper compartments.

The original unit we were recreating

Rather than try to create an entirely new cupboard and run up the cost in custom programming, we were able to robot- weld a bank of three lockers together prior to putting it through the powder coat oven. The back of the locker was modified to include evenly spaced notches, so the shelves would be at the correct heights. We had to do this as the addition of the larger door on the base made the extra shelves out of alignment if we left it as standard. Finally, the three lockable compartments at the based of the unit were keyed alike as it wasn’t necessary for the user to have three different sets of keys. All in all it was great product to work on and resulted in a very happy customer. Well done to the Rockdale Office Furniture team for working with their client on this one!


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