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For more than four decades Statewide Office Furniture has been influencing the office furniture industry in innovation and design. Renowned as one of Australia's most respected and lasting manufacturers, Statewide's approach is to build customers for life. With this in mind, we maintain that both privacy and security are paramount in our success in business, which can be attested to by our long tenure of supplying Australian companies.

Our Privacy Practices at Statewide Office Furniture

Dated 07/07/2016

Statewide Office Furniture appreciates that your privacy is very important to you. It is also very important to us. We believe unreservedly that when you provide personal information you do so with the implicit trust that the information will go no further than our hands.

We will never rent, sell, trade or in anyway disclose your personal information to any other parties without your express consent. Never ever!


In some areas of our website we will ask you to provide information that will enhance your experience for return visits, or to provide you with information that you desire. This will include any online newsletters or contact forms for queries and comments. At no point will we use this information to spam your inbox. We believe that any correspondence between you and us needs to be full of value or answering a question. Either way, emails sent to you are explicitly permission based. Your details will never be sent to any third party and any marketing material will only come from us, in relation to the goods and services you originally purchased from us, or inquired about. All emails and newsletters will include a clearly labelled “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the email. This will remove you immediately and permanently from any further contact unless you choose to reconnect with us.

Data Aggregation:

General information gathered during customer surveys, signup information etc is used for statistical measurement – this includes information such as country, gender, age etc. Things like your name, address or anything revealing that could be linked to you is not needed. Regardless of our stringent privacy processes, detailed personal information is simply not useful. Our statistics that we gather are collected to improve customer service and online experience and for improving our product offer.

Policy Changes:

Any policy changes will be listed on this page and will be dated to ensure complete transparency to our visitors.

If you have any questions concerning your privacy or anything else at all, feel free to contact us using the comment form below.


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