New Website Launch for Statewide Office Furniture

New Website Launch!

Well, our new website has arrived and not a moment too soon! It’s been a great experience finding out what you want us to show on our website, and there is still plenty of new material to be added. For now, these are some of the new and exciting features available to improve your browsing experience.

Top 4 New Features on the Statewide Office Furniture Website


1. Colour Swatches on Products


As you can see from the picture, all our products now come with a colour swatch picker. It allows customers to see exactly what their potential new product will look like. This was one of our number one phone-in requests from customers, and based on the feedback so far it’s been a successful addition. Keep in mind that all these photos are freely available to authorised resellers for both online and print media, so get in touch with us if you need them.


2. GPS Locator for Resellers

We used to have a big list of resellers in each different state across the country. This was cumbersome and quite frankly not user-friendly. Imagine having to read each address and try to find the business closest to you? We couldn’t either. We decided to upgrade to a map system that uses the viewer’s location to find the closest reseller to them. Customers can choose to filter results by whether the reseller is a retail store or a fit out company, or even if they have stock on display to save them yet another phone call. They can then visit the reseller’s website immediately, or just call or email if they prefer. If they are using their phone to view, they can even get directions right to your door! Online sellers haven’t been forgotten, there is a list below the map with links, emails and phone numbers all included. Easy, right?If you want to be on the map or the list (why wouldn’t you?) be sure to request a form at It’s checked all the time so any new additions who are authorised resellers will be added promptly.


3. Online Service & Warranty Requests

Let’s face it, when you help a customer find the product they wanted, or close that large client, the last thing you want to get is a phone call saying something is broken, something doesn’t work, or it’s faulty.To extend our commitment to customer service, we have included an online service request form. This form can be filled in by you or by the end user. The result is prompt service and an easy, streamlined process that allows for peace of mind. Not that you should be too worried, we have the best warranty in the industry after all. *cough* Lifetime….


4. The Frequently Asked Questions Page

You can find the FAQ here. Essentially, we thought about what questions we get asked a lot and put them into a web page to help educate everyone quickly and easily. This should be a helpful resource to both you, and the end users you serve. If there is a question that you can’t find here that you think we should put up, don’t be shy. Let us know!

What do you think of our new website? If you have any thoughts or feedback, send them over to